Saturday nights July 15th - August 26th 2017


Whole cuts Bar-B-Q

Food 6-8pm. Music 8-10pm

Whole cuts Bar-B-Q

Great live music

Local craft beer + cider

Local Beers & Ciders


Great food is more than just a meal, it should stir the senses and bring us all together. Our philosophy for a great Bar-B-Q is the best local whole cuts of meat, piled high and served on sharing platters, so everyone just digs in together.

Your ticket price includes a Bar-B-Q Sharing Platter.

- Sticky Bar-B-Q pulled pork shoulder

- Bourbon glazed beef brisket

- Spicy chicken wings

- Bar-B-Q chicken drumsticks

- Bar-B-Q lamb shoulder

- Chickpea & goat cheese pattie (v)

- Bar-B-Q halloumi & grilled peppers (v)

- Coleslaw

- Grilled corn

- Garlic bread*

- Onion Rings*

- Salad leaves





No need to choose what you'd like, as each table gets all of the above, including vegetarian pieces. If there are lots of vegetarians on your table, please let us know.


If you have children in your group we also include our homemade Aberdeen Angus beef burgers and pork sausages.


(*Everything except the garlic bread & the onion rings can be gluten free. Please let us know when you book)



Seating outside is limited, so is first come first served this year. If you are seated inside, you are more than welcome to take your seat outside when the music starts. In order to seat everyone, you may be required to share a table if there is space left. Please accept this in the spirit of the evening and take the chance to meet your fellow campers over a song and a cider.


If you're just coming for the music, please bring a chair or a rug to sit on, as our spare seats are limited.